Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am (thank God!) constitutionally superior to reason

Welcome to the next Moonstone post as part of Alice's readalong. Heads up to those not playing along, there will be spoilers. However, please enjoy the GIFs!

Before I get to anything else I want to say this: Miss Clack wants in Mr. Godfrey's pants.
I wrote my last Moonstone post after finishing the assigned section, which seems like the logical way to do things. However SO MUCH HAPPENED that I ended up blathering on about the plot and missed out on lots of the amazing things that I had wanted to write about but forgot when the time came. So this week I've decided to write down a bunch of stuff as I'm reading it so hopefully I'll forget less of the stuff I want to say. Why yes, I could make sure to just focus on one part instead of trying to cram a bunch in here, and thus make a well thought out post. But I'm going to go with the random spewing of thoughts that will make for an incoherent mess. As I do

Rosanna died???
I thought the shivering sand was going to be our ominous Woman in White lake but nope, turns out to be an actual danger. OR IS IT? I mean, we're just assuming Rosanna is gone, based on those footprints Cuff found. And based on that suicide note she left about doing just that. But still, I want to see a body. I think it's very convenient that "What the Sand gets, the Sand keeps forever." And what did she chain down into the sand? The Moonstone seemed like a good guess to me but I guess not.

Rachel is still being Rachel-y and refusing to help or talk to anyone and is basically acting like a pain in the ass. Cuff tells Lady Verinder and Mr. Betteredge (who needs to be there so he can tell us what happens) that essentially Rachel's got some debts that she NEEDS to pay or there will be busted kneecaps (implied, or whatever the Victorian version of that is) and she actually has the diamond. Lady Verindar and Betteredge vehemently disagree. Now I do think/hope Rachel actually has more going on than what we're seeing so far. I still don't think she's our new Marian.

We leave Betteredge's narrative to head over to Miss Clack's and she is the most sanctimonious stick-up-her-ass brat so her narrative is equal parts painful and AMAZING. She's that awful person that talks about what a good Christian she is and how leaves people helpful literature (tracts) about how they're dressing like a (Victorian) slut titled "A Word With You On Your Cap-Ribbons" and is that a real tract? Can someone please find that and share because I want to read that.

Anyway, as I said the ever proper Miss Clack wants in Mr. Godfrey's pants. Trousers. He is everything perfect and he thrilled her when he would talk about "our prospects and trousers." Granted, the prospects and trousers in question were part of a clothing drive for the needy, but that does not change how much Miss Clack liked talking about trousers with Mr. Godfrey. But Mr. Godfrey loves Rachel, who is SO BENEATH him, Miss Clack can't even stand it.

We also learn Lady Verinder is very ill but she doesn't want to tell Rachel what's wrong. She does tell Miss Clack which was a major misstep on Lady Verinder's part, but it does give us a fantastic scene where Miss Clack leaves a bunch of religious books hidden around the house for Lady Verinder. And when they're returned because, you know, awful-person, she spends the time copying out passages from the books so she can leave letters around the house. Easier to hide I guess? Plus it gives Miss Clack the opportunity to sneak around the house and listen in on a conversation between Mr. Godfrey and Rachel. Of course this also gives her the opportunity to hear Godfrey propose to Rachel and have Rachel agree and oh the horror, the HORROR.

There's also stuff about the Moonstone but since I've already babbled enough, I'll let other people talk about everything else.

Title quote from page 83, location 2767

Collins, Wilkie. The Moonstone. Public domain books, published 2012. Originally published 1868